What breakouts are available?

Here are the breakouts you can add to your registration.

Session 1 Breakouts

Friday | 10:45 am-12:00 pm

Engaging Across Worldview Lines Courageously and Lovingly

Sean McDowell, Ph.D., associate professor of Christian apologetics, author, podcaster

In person and in public, Dr. Sean McDowell often dialogues with people who disagree with him on topics as heated as atheism, LGBTQ issues, morality, and religion. In this session, he will teach you to engage others in truth and love.


How Critical Theory has Shaped the Cultural Moment

Neil Shenvi, Ph.D., author and apologist

Patrick Sawyer, Ph.D., author

Critical Theory, once isolated to the ivory towers of academia, shapes our schools, workplaces, churches, and culture. Drs. Shenvi and Sawyer, authors of Critical Dilemma, will describe the essential things to know about Critical Theory and how to respond.


Helping Young People Cultivate a Sense of Identity

Kathy Koch, Ph.D., founder of Celebrate Kids

Young people today are constantly told to “follow your heart,” and “be yourself.” These lies lead directly to our culture-wide identity crisis, as young people believe they must construct who they are rather than recognize who God has made them to be. Outlining the core aspects of a child’s identity, Dr. Koch will share how to cultivate security in who they are.

Session 2 Breakouts

Friday | 3:30-4:45 pm

How the Church Can Courageously Respond to the Transgender Moment

January Littlejohn, E.S., LMHC

Churches must become equipped for the challenges of the transgender moment. In this session, Littlejohn will share how churches can teach what is true, stand with families, and minister to parents who have children who are gender confused.


How Christians Can Stand Against 'Medical Assistance in Dying'

Margaret Cottle, M.D., author and palliative care physician

Human dignity doesn’t end when suffering begins. Dr. Cottle will explain how a Christian perspective on life and death should shape how we courageously walk through end-of-life decisions with loved ones.


Are Christians Optimists or Pessimists? A “Debate”

John Stonestreet, CEO and president of the Colson Center

Rod Dreher, author

Rod Dreher sparked an international conversation among Christians with his book, The Benedict Option, recommending that Christians must adjust to rebuilding their own institutions in an increasingly hostile culture. As president of the Colson Center, John Stonestreet has advocated for a Kuyperian approach, in which Christians seek to influence the greater culture for the better. Come hear a lively discussion about Christian courage and faithfulness in today’s world.

Session 3 - No Breakouts

Session 4 Breakouts

Saturday | 10:45 am-12:00 pm

The Courageous Clients of Alliance Defending Freedom (sponsored by ADF)

Ryan Bangert, senior vice president for strategic initiatives and special counsel to the president at Alliance Defending Freedom

Meet some of the Christians courageously taking a stand today, and learn the price they are paying to take their stand and how you can support them.


The Beardos

Michael Craven, vice president of equipping and mobilization, the Colson Center for Christian Worldview

Glenn Sunshine, Ph.D., professor emeritus of history

A live version of the Colson Fellows’ beloved Q&A session. Ask questions about theology, Church history, ethics, culture, or beards.


Courageous Christian Education

Stefan M. Wilson, director of the Colson Educators Collective

Billy Hutchinson, worldview coach at Colson Educators and dean of academics at Hickory Grove Christian School

Students are often willing to ask the hard questions, but some hot topics are so hot that Christian teachers have to tread carefully to avoid landmines. Wilson and Hutchinson discuss how to equip Christian teachers to face these landmines head-on and defuse them for a confident, long-lasting knowledge of the truth of God’s Word.


Strong Women: A Live Podcast Recording

Sarah Stonestreet, host of the Strong Women podcast

Kathy Koch, Founder of Celebrate Kids

Join a live recording of a beloved podcast. 

Session 5 - No Breakouts

Extra Sessions

Saturday | 7:30-8:30 am

Prison Fellowship Breakfast: Reviving Chuck's Vision for the Incarcerated and the Church

Heather Rice-Minus, President and CEO of Prison Fellowship

Jermaine Wilson, Mission ambassador at Prison Fellowship

Nearly 50 years ago, Chuck Colson founded Prison Fellowship, the nation’s largest Christian outreach to people impacted by incarceration. Join Prison Fellowship’s new President and CEO, Heather Rice-Minus, and Mission Ambassador, Jermaine Wilson, to hear how the ministry is seeking God for “inside-out revival” through the local church encountering Jesus with our brothers and sisters in Christ inside of prison.


Saturday | 12:00-2:00 pm

Strong Women Listeners Meet & Greet Lunch

Sarah Stonestreet, host of the Strong Women podcast