What should I expect between sessions?

What will the weekend feel like, and what are my options?

During the main conference on Friday and Saturday, each day will be punctuated by "main sessions" (talks and panels in the main ballroom), in the morning, afternoon, and in the evening. (On Saturday, the main session is the Wilberforce Award Dinner, included in the conference package or purchasable separately.)

After morning and afternoon main sessions, you'll go to one of three breakouts for the rest of the time. Breakouts are intended to give you an opportunity to pursue a practical follow-up challenge relevant to the main session you just finished--so you can pick the breakout that you think will help you the most. (Breakouts must be selected ahead of time and space is limited.)

The extended lunch period is a great chance to take a breath--you can connect with fellow guests, or process what you've been learning on your own.

During the late afternoons and late evenings, or at other opportune moments, you can also consider:

  • Attend an informational session or workshop. We'll host several throughout the weekend--keep an eye out for an email announcing the opportunity to register!
  • Visit the sponsor booths. The Colson Center National Conference is sponsored by many wonderful organizations--not only can you learn about them, you can meet their staff!
  • Continue the conversation with other guests. Introduce yourself to a new friend--everyone's here to explore the same ideas, look for solutions to interesting problems, and find encouragement from other believers who are seeking to live out a Christian worldview. 
  • Eat and drink. Explore hotel restaurants and bars here, or nearby coffee shops here.
  • Enjoy Dallas. We have ideas! Explore here.
  • Take a nap. Hey, nobody's judging.

You can view the latest schedule here.