What should I expect between sessions?

What will the weekend feel like, and what are my options?

The majority of the program takes place in the plenary sessions in the main ballroom--everyone goes through the same learning experience together, so there is a lot to talk about with your fellow guests between sessions! (You can view the main schedule here.)

That said, there are also some great options for things to do between plenary sessions, including...

  • Attending a breakout. There are often 2-3 to choose from at a time, and they're a great chance to continue the conversation in a more informal setting with a speaker whose ideas you found challenging. Plus you get to meet Colson Center personalities like Shane Morris, Sarah Stonestreet, and Erin Kunkle!
  • Visiting an information session. We'll host several throughout the weekend--learn more about the Colson Fellows program and other Colson Center educational ministries.
  • Visit the sponsor booths. The Colson Center National Conference is sponsored by over 30 wonderful organizations--not only can you learn about them, you can meet their staff!
  • Continue the conversation with other guests. Introduce yourself to a new friend--everyone's here to explore the same ideas, look for solutions to interesting problems, and find encouragement from other believers who are seeking to live out a Christian worldview. (Don't know anybody? Come say hi to Brian, Hannah, and the team at the information desk and we'll get you started!)
  • Eat and drink. Explore hotel restaurants and bars here, or nearby coffee shops here.
  • Enjoy Indianapolis. We have ideas! Explore here.
  • Take a nap. Hey, nobody's judging.

You can view the latest schedule here.