What should I wear? What's the dress code?

Packing tips and what to expect as far as dress.

For the conference itself, there is no required dress code. Attendees typically dress casually or in business casual.

For the Wilberforce Award dinner, we recommend dressing business professional--it's a special occasion in a banquet room! 

But what you’re really asking is, “What will everybody else be wearing?” or perhaps “How should I pack?” The quick answer is that the conference is a relaxed environment, and we want you to be comfortable as you sit in sessions or walk around the large hotel. So whether your version of "comfortable" is a polo shirt, a blouse, or a tweed jacket, go for it--we know you'll look awesome.

The arrival of June brings a temperature shift in the Dallas area, with the average high-temperature escalating from a warm 82°F in May to a tropical 91.2°F. Throughout June, an average low-temperature of 73.9°F is expected in Dallas. Evening lows are in the low 70s, so you won't need to bring more than a light sweater at most. That said, unless you’re planning on sightseeing in your spare time, you’ll be spending virtually the entire weekend indoors with air conditioning--so don't overthink it.