How do I sign up for breakouts?

Details of planning your personalized schedule

Breakout registration is now open. Some of these breakouts have limited capacities, so be sure to register early to get a seat in the session you're most excited about!

Follow these steps to add breakouts to your existing registration:

  1. Log into your registration account with your confirmation number and the email address you used to register. Have trouble finding your confirmation number? Email us at
  2. Click the Modify Registration button to get started.
  3. Click the Next button at the bottom of the page until you reach the Additional Sessions Page.
  4. Select the breakouts you would like to attend. Many of the breakouts are happening simultaneously and you will only be able to select one breakout per time slot. Choose wisely!
  5. Click the Next button until you reach the final page. Enter your payment information if required and click Submit.

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