What is the schedule for the weekend?

Wondering about the schedule, or breakouts, or when to take a nap?

What to expect

Thursday features the evening worldview intensive.

Friday and Saturday will have main sessions to open the morning and afternoon, followed in each case by a choice of breakout sessions. Friday evening will feature an extended main session, and Saturday evening the Wilberforce Award Dinner.

Sunday we will conclude the weekend with a final main session that includes a time of worship, a final talk, and the Colson Fellows Commissioning Ceremony.

Breakouts are designed to allow you to choose which course of further teaching and discussion will be most helpful to you. Each breakout seeks to help you wrestle with a particular practical challenge. (More: how do I sign up for breakouts?)

Detailed schedule

Will be available soon at ColsonConference.org.

Other questions

Here are answers to a few common questions:

  • Breakouts are included with the conference package and main conference tickets for the relevant day. They are subject to availability; you can select your breakouts in advance through ColsonConference.org.
  • Afternoon breakouts will end with a couple of hours to spare before the evening activities--in the case of Friday, if you're staying till the end of the last breakout, we recommend having a dinner reservation someplace close by so you're not rushed.
  • Questions about the Wilberforce Award Dinner? Click here.
  • Not sure what you're signed up for?
  • Here are tips for planning your meals.
If you have questions about anything, let us know at events@colsoncenter.org.